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About me: 

Roughly 10 years ago, after being in IT for maybe 20 years, I discovered agile development. And it was a love at first sight. I found that even being IT manager in traditional rigid enviromnents, I had been converging to agile for a long years – letting people talk to decisions, being human type of manager, caring of my teams, trusting that they are capable of at least partial self management, etc…

And since then, I like agile and servant management in general even more. I like using gentle nudges to encourage team to participate, coaching them to become independent, efficient and happy, with me being „the subtle shaping power behind“. And I like being in a role of helper, helping teams and companies to understand agile approach, to become gradually mature experts in the area. So, after years spreading the knowledge, I moved to pure servant leading roles like agile leader, agile coach or scrum master.

If you are interested in cooperation, just ask me - when I am not working on a project I can help you with agile adoption, coaching/mentoring teams and individuals to improve their happiness, performance, agile ways of working, or to correct previous unsuccessful attempt to become agile. I am working remotely but if needed (and able) I can occasionally visit the site, for example if face to face would work better.

More about me you can find in my LinkedIn profile and if needed, you can contact me there, or send me email to peter.siska@email.cz

My typical roles

Agile coach

Mentoring and coaching teams and their members to help them  to improve their performance and happiness, creating, setting and improving the rules of cooperation and agile ways of working

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Senior Scrum master

I am taking care of agile teams, removing all kinds of obstacles from their path and of course also facilitating all kinds of SCRUM / SAFe ceremonies...

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Agile adoption specialist

Helping companies with implementing Agile, or setting their agile adoption back on track again if it got derailed.

What you can expect from our cooperation?

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Typical short agile improvements project for 1-5 teams

Most commonly demanded short project typically lasts 6-12 months, and it starts with 2-4 weeks assessment phase, during which I am observing how "the things work", before i start to improve them. I become part of all existing ceremonies and meetings of teams. If I am also stand-in for missing scrum master, in this phase i am only facilitating existing ceremonies and doing first round of 1:1 sessions to get to know team members, their attitudes, feelings about project, team and company, happiness and frustration points. This is very important time needed to avoid insensitive changes due to insufficient knowledge of environment.

After 2-4 weeks of observing I usually have clue about status of agile adoption, possible problems, attitude and maturity of teams and individuals, and after discussion with management/stakeholders we are able to start with improvements. Next few months I usually start with short mentoring sessions for weaker areas, or to evangelize and explain agile values, ways, techniques and mindset to beginner teams. 

During second and third month I usually introduce ways of working sessions and Kaizen board to involve team members into improvements suggestions and their implementations as experiments. We continue with next round(s) of 1:1s to see the motivations and goals of individuals, then with coaching them to set the goals, plan the steps and reach the targets. During this phase we start also with happiness and wellbeing coaching to map these areas and strengthen "weakest chain links".

Next months are mostly about stabilization and setting BAU - facilitation / improvements / mentoring / coaching. If team needs more capacity or to hire internal scrum master/product owner, we discuss this with management + HR and I help them with interviews / hiring -  and if there is time available, also with onboarding. If there is a problematic team member, we start with "giving second chance", and if its not avoidable, with finding the replacement and saying good bye.

During last month I usually work on next suggested steps - agile roadmap - to keep up with improvements pace after my assignment ends.

After first assignment we usually revisit the project after each 6-8 months for 1 month retrospective, setting directions, new goals, and initiating their implementation.

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